With a passion for washing and providing an unmatched service, our friendly team have the experience and dedication required to fulfil any of your water blasting needs.

Get a complete water blasting service for your Hamilton or Tauranga property today.

Looking for a quick and efficient way to completely transform the outside of your home? Currently water blasting in the Hamilton and Tauranga areas - Grime Off Now provides over 34 years of proven experience in the washing industry.

Forget the hassle of doing it yourself. Instead, have the job done in half the time by a team of specialists who do it every day for a living.

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Water Blasting Service in Hamilton


Concrete Paths / Pavers

Get rid of all the moss and grime on your concrete paths or paved areas. This can also be a slipping hazard - so you can ensure your walking areas are safer. Request a Quote


Get your deck ready for summer! Clean away all the nasty buildup and have it looking flawless for BBQ season. Request a Quote

Exterior Walls

Keep the outside of your house or commercial building in tip top shape and blast away all the dirt and grime lessening its curb appeal. Request a Quote

And Much More!

Get in contact with our friendly team and let us know what else you need washed. Request a Quote

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One of our friendly team will provide with your quote and a range of options prior to works. Looking for the best value? Ask us about our scheduled maintenance plans.

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