We have a passion for exterior washing and obsessive service – we want you to be have presentation you can be proud of, and customer service that makes you smile.

Grime Off Now provides building washing and exterior cleaning services throughout Waikato and Bay of Plenty. We have a range of techniques available for cleaning buildings, we can choose the right approach for each job. Grime Off Now works with large clients throughout Waikato and the Bay of Plenty including Fonterra, Ministry of Justice, New World, Gallagher Group, Genesis, Mystery Creek Events Centre, Foster Maintain and Colliers International.

The Grime Off Now building washing process services two main functions: Firstly to meet the requirements and specifications for the warranty and maintenance of numerous cladding, paint and membrane systems; and secondly to ensure your building is presented well so that it reflects positively on your business and culture.

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Do you have grass growing in your gutters? Or blocked and overflowing gutters? We remove organic debris from gutters and then check to see that the storm water system is flowing correctly and advise on this. This helps to prevent ponding where water sitting in the system can increase likeliness of corrosion. Improper maintenance here can also invalidate both manufacture and producer warranties. Request a Quote

exterior building washing: cladding and windows

Keeping your building presented well is important for the image of your business. If you’ve got dirty windows, visible cobwebs or build up of grime or dust on the cladding, we can get it clean. Before repainting your building it’s important to have it cleaned too. We have a variety of processes available for cleaning commercial buildings. This can range from high to low or no pressure cleaning, varied temperatures and a range of detergents, mould killers and degreasers to achieve the optimum and most sustainable results. Where practical we blade off glass and windows to prevent mineral deposit and scale build up and to leave a crisp and clear finish. Request a Quote

Fume Extractors and Vents on Roofs and Walls

According to the New Zealand Steel Specifiers and Builders Guide,June 2010, pg.7 “Corrosive dust and particles can be released through roof vents and discharged on to the roof surface. The immediate area of the roof adjacent to the vent is then at increased risk of corrosion.” One of their protocols to help prevent this is to regularly wash the area to remove these contaminants. Request a Quote

unwashed areas

Areas where natural rainfall is insufficient to clean contaminants such as windblown salt and dust off a given surface including roofs are generally considered an ‘unwashed area.’ Typically these areas include the undersides of gutters, canopies roof vents or sheltered areas , canopies, veranda, eaves, etc. When these particles accumulate on painted surfaces and become moist corrosion will take place. Many windblown contaminants absorb moisture and when exposed to high humidity their presence on steel also accelerates corrosion. A maintenance washing programme should be in place to meet these warranty requirements Referenced from The New Zealand Steel Specifiers and Builders Guide, June 2010, Pg.10 Request a Quote


Moss, mould and lichen building up on the roof is not a good look for your business, and can also accelerate oxidisation by penetrating the paint (and other surfaces) with their growth. They also hold moisture onto the surface. This can greatly increase the likelihood of rust corrosion and surface degradation. Our MouldKill treatment is used on 90% of our roof treatments. This process neutralises growth (algae, lichen, mould and spores) and then allows it to naturally weather off without the use of heavy pressure. Water blasting can still be used in some cases when required. Request a Quote

Hydro Pure: Ultra Pure Filtered Water

Grime Off also offers the Hyrdo Pure cleaning system. This uses ultra-filtered pure water to easily remove the dust and dirt found on glazing and window frames. The ultra-pure water leaves a spot-free finish without needing a squeegee. This powerful system enables efficient cleaning of large scale commercial buildings and has zero impact on the environment. Request a Quote

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